Saisaki, DADS and Kamayan @ EDSA Mandaluyong – A Lunch Buffet

dads-kamayan-edsa-main-buffet.jpg dads-kamayan-edsa-lechon-station.jpg dads-kamayan-edsa-dessert-station.jpg

…pics above: main station, the lechon and pancit station, the dessert station

On a business trip yesterday at Mandaluyong, unfortunately, due to traffic we end up getting at the meet, lunch time. So no one to talk to ’round that time. And so we just decided to try the Kamayan Lunch Buffet.

Inside the Kamayan at EDSA Mandaluyong, you’ll have 3 buffet choices.

A. DADS Smorgasbord (Around 450.00)

B. Kamayan Eat-All-You-Can (Around 350.00)

C. Saisaki Japanese Buffet (Around 550.00)

dads-kamayan-edsa-molo-soup.jpg dads-kamayan-edsa-karekare.jpg dads-kamayan-edsa-kuhol.jpg

…pics above: molo soup, kare-kare, ginataang kuhol

We picked Kamayan’s big buffet offering. Reason, we are not exactly Jap Foods experts. After sushis, tempuras, misus, kanis, makis of the world, anything else is alien. Besides, looking at the Kamayan Buffet Station, don’t think I need more.

dads-kamayan-edsa-crablets.jpg dads-kamayan-edsa-binagoongan.jpg dads-kamayan-edsa-fried-hito.jpg

…pics above: fried crablets, binagoongan, fried hito

The name of the game in this type of buffet is, don’t throw up! If you are not a power muncher (like me), this is not sulit. So many foods to take, so little capacity. Also, there’s a little catch with the P350 offer, it has no drinks. Be warned, one green mango shake will cost P165.00. 2 sets of Buffet Meals plus 2 Drinks, prepare a thousand bucks.

dads-kamayan-edsa-buko-pandan.jpg dads-kamayan-edsa-frebbies-beverage.jpg

…pics above: super sarap buko pandan (surely has gata), two stiffie freebies

To think, this shake would only occupy valuable space for some other delights. Suggestion is, you could go for water instead and feast on the Dessert Station. They got Halo Halo, buko pandan, etc.

All pics in here I tasted in bits and pieces. Not shown here are the Halo-Halo, Sinigang ng Baboy and Bopis, other offerings I was not able to taste. Just too many man. You’ll get at least 3 hours span to attack the buffet.

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